Better Serve your Senior Customers

Companies who work with the aging population use Embodied Labs to ensure their staff has the understanding and empathy needed to provide excellent service for elderly customers.

Deliver Better Customer Service through Empathy and Understanding

To provide excellent service to seniors, your staff needs to understand the challenges seniors face. Embodied Labs training helps staff gain perspective on what it’s like to have a disease or impairment through first-person virtual experience, which enables them to empathize with your customers – and to provide thoughtful, caring service.

Engage Staff through Innovative Training

Customer service agents and other staff find the Embodied Labs training experience to be innovative and exciting, which ensures they stay engaged during the training process and improves learning outcomes.

Attract and Retain Quality Staff

Providing innovative training for your staff not only helps them do their job better, it makes them feel valued and invested in. New recruits and existing staff alike are attracted to companies who are willing to invest in their future.

Best Buy Health

Mobile Network Operator

Best Buy Health is the leader in connected health for active aging. With health and safety solutions for older adults and their family caregivers, Best Buy Health’s innovative suite of easy-to-use mobile products and award-winning approach to customer care helps aging consumers live more independent lives. Best Buy Health has been using Embodied Labs immersive experiences to train their customer service staff, who often interact with older adults living with hearing & vision impairment, dementia, and other chronic conditions. After embodying these conditions from the perspective of an older adult via Embodied Labs’ immersive platform, customer service representatives and other staff report feeling more confident in their ability to serve older adult customers, and feel less frustrated and more patient when they have to repeat a question or statement more than once.

What Customers are Saying

I feel it really showed how isolated and alone some of our customers may feel. I may never know what the person on the other end of the phone is dealing with. I will have more patience and compassion for the customers that call in, and be more understanding with the frustration they may have.

Customer Service Representative

Best Buy Health

Embodying Beatriz made me realize and value the importance of patience... It is difficult to replicate what customers go through on a day to day basis, and the VR program was able to simulate that. It helps by having you actually see what they go through versus just being told.

Customer Service Representative

Best Buy Health

Innovative Companies using Embodied Labs

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