Make your outreach efforts more engaging by using Embodied Labs to share senior care experiences.

Share Your Message in a Memorable Way

Engage a wider audience and go beyond traditional outreach efforts with interactive VR experiences from Embodied Labs. By giving users the chance to embody the lived experience of another person, you leave them with an enduring memory–a reason to remember who you are and what you do.

Inspire Big Ideas

Spark deep, transformational conversations about how we relate, connect, and care for one another. The Embodied Labs experience doesn’t end when the headset comes off. The ideas, feelings, breakthroughs, and broadened perspectives that the experience inspires become a starting point for a powerful dialogue that further drives innovation.

Create Lasting Awareness

Immersive experiences offered by Embodied Labs place much needed attention on the concerns of older adults, a demographic that’s all too often ignored. Placing the user in the shoes of an aging adult struggling with a specific condition or pathology helps cultivate an awareness of and empathy for the challenges that so many seniors face.

Key Features for Outreach & Visibility

Individual Training Experiences

Engage staff with immersive modules that allow them to explore, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their understanding.

On-Site Group Training

Create a dialogue through module experiences and promote team-building with shared thoughts, reactions, and takeaways.

Patient Experience Library

Curated VR content allows learners to embody patients with specific pathologies or conditions.


Track progress, performance, and completion of trainings with detailed reports that help hold staff accountable.

How Family Means used Embodied Labs to Increase Visibility and Improve Outreach

A nonprofit organization that provides support to a number of groups within its community, Family Means have been using Embodied Labs to both promote their organization and give family caregivers a valuable tool to better support their loved ones living with dementia and other common chronic conditions. Despite the challenges that have come with COVID19, Family Means has been able to continue offering sessions at a distance through video conferencing, allowing family caregivers to engage with immersive learning from their own homes.

My goal is to open conversations, get people past thinking this is going to impact their loved one’s memory immediately, to have conversations people with aging parents are afraid to have, and to have conversations where siblings may disagree, which happens often. I can talk about dementia until I’m blue in the face, but to have this experience can really change someone’s behavior to better support somebody who has a diagnosis.
— Jenny West, Community Educator, Family Means

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