Embody the perspectives of others to improve care and service

Use the browser-based application with or without our optional VR-headset-enabled platform to provide your team members with the immersive training experience that best fits your needs today.

Offer your remote or on-site group immersive training content that’s easily accessible.

All our labs are now available online, for use without a headset or facilitator. Just share a link, and your group members can easily access the training material directly in their web browser.

The Embodied Labs Online Experience

Learn from Hotspots

Interact with the 3D environment through clickable hotspots that provide educational information that supplements the interactive video content.

Interact with 3D Objects

Use your mouse to interact with 3D objects and environments. Click and drag to look around, or click the highlighted objects to simulate their use.

Choose Your Own Path

In Embodied Labs Online, you’re a part of the story – choose your own path at key decision points in the narrative.

Features & Benefits of Online

Quick, Easy Access

Web-based access to our online library of immersive training labs. No special hardware required – just a PC or Mac with Google Chrome.

Simple Onboarding

Share a link with your team members, and they can experience Embodied Labs at any time in their web browser.

Perfect for Remote or On-Site Learners

Experience Embodied Labs Online with remote or in-person groups, with real-time discussion and facilitation, or shared with individuals to experience on their own.

Flexible Immersive Experiences

Use the desktop application for a fully immersive, in-headset experience, or the online application for an immersive, headset-free experience. Use both together for an experience that works for everyone.

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