It's More than training... it's insight

Leverage the Embodied Labs VR-enabled immersive learning system to develop empathy for older adults and start having deeper, transformational conversations about your care practices.


Engaging experiences lock in learning

Direct-care staff, family members, and trainees emerge from the headset ready to share their experience with others. Transformative, informative content drives staff engagement and improves learning outcomes.


Empathy leads to care-practice quality improvement

As your team gains insight from viewing the world through the perspectives of older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, or other conditions, they change the way view — and provide care for — your clients, residents, and patients.


Appreciation drives direct-care worker retention

Investing in innovative in-service training for your direct-care staff sends the message that you care. With a projected shortfall of over 1 million direct-care workers by 2020, you must do everything you can to train — and retain — your existing team.


Education creates meaningful family engagement opportunities

Reach family caregivers and others in your community by sharing Embodied Labs VR experiences. Use the Embodied Labs platform to develop closer, more supportive relationships.



What Our Customers Are Saying

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Nurse Care North Carolina

"Embodied Labs connects the head with the heart. It's the connection between what we learn in our training and how we should treat people as we care for them in practice."

— Staff member


Benedictine Health System

"I think this is something that anyone who works with the aging population should do."

— Ann, LCSW


Chicago Methodist Senior Services

"We're really excited about the kind of conversations we're going to be able to have with our staff after we've viewed, collectively, the three [Beatriz Lab] modules."

— Bill Lowe, President and CEO



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