Immersive Training for Senior Care is more effective and engaging than traditional training programs

Make the Most of your Training Time and Budget

Embodied Labs goes beyond traditional training, engaging staff in new ways that better prepare them for their roles as caregivers. This mode of learning promotes teamwork, fosters empathy, develops skills, and builds knowledge, making for more confident, competent, and motivated staff. Investing in Embodied Labs is a way to demonstrate to your staff that you care and that they’re worth it. In an industry with high turnover, staff are more likely to commit to a company that has invested in their growth and has given them the tools to more effectively do their jobs.

Provide Your Staff with Training They’ll Love

Understanding diseases and conditions from a first-person patient perspective allows caregivers and staff to relate more closely, empathize more fully, and serve with greater sensitivity and skill. It’s a shift in mindset and a broadening of perspective. Being able to embody the experience of someone else promotes a deeper sense understanding, compassion, and connection. The level of preparedness that Embodied Labs training offers employees gives them the confidence to more effectively do their jobs, which in turn makes the work that much more rewarding.

Improve the Quality of Care for your Customers

We all want to feel heard, seen, and understood. This is our reason for being. When staff have “walked in the shoes” of those they care for, they can anticipate their needs, connect on a deeper level, and serve in a way that affirms their dignity. Embodied Labs training reimagines patient-provider communication, creating a dialogue where before there may have been silence, allowing for more sensitive, individualized care. Staff trained with Embodied Labs also feel more comfortable and confident in their roles, and happier staff make happier residents living in long-term care communities.

Key Features for Training

Individual Training Experiences

Engage staff with immersive modules that allow them to explore, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their understanding.

On-Site Group Training

Create a dialogue through module experiences and promote team-building with shared thoughts, reactions, and takeaways.

Distance Learning

Provide transformative learning experiences virtually anywhere with flexible modules accessed at the user’s own pace. Remote learners can access the labs directly in their web browser, no headset required.


Interviews with real patients, cutting edge research, and experiential learning theories provide a framework around which each simulation is designed.

Learning Framework

The Embodied Labs Learning Framework is our approach to teaching through immersive VR experiences.


Prepare to embody your patient by taking a pre-assessment and discover your existing knowledge by answering questions from the Embodied Labs facilitation guide.


Embody your resident by using a VR-ready laptop to log on to Embodied Labs’ application and by putting on a VR headset.


Reflect on how the VR experiences changed your views, mindset, and knowledge about living with a particular disease, pathology, or condition.


Bring the skills, perspective, and understanding gained from your training to your work, more effectively connecting with and caring for patients.

The Tools & Support you need to make your Training Program a Success

We provide the tools you need to use our platform effectively, plus the support materials you need to train your staff and promote the program.

Whether you’re using the program to train your staff, to educate family members, or to engage your community, we have a set of support materials for each application with detailed instructions, guidelines, and best practices to ensure that you’re maximizing the technology and making the most of your investment.

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