"There are people who are natural born caregivers, but that's a minority of the population. Everybody, especially myself, could use a little bit of guidance. This [training] puts us on a new plane. It's exciting."

— Bill Lowe, CEO, Chicago Methodist Senior Services

Caregiver and Staff Training

Staff Satisfaction

Happier staff make happier residents living in long-term care. Communities see a direct link between staff satisfaction and occupancy. Enhanced training provides a way to show your staff that they are worth the investment.

Staff Retention

In today’s competitive market, recruitment and retention are challenges keeping operators up at night. Staff are more likely to dedicate themselves to an organization where the benefits include additional training to help them do their jobs better.

Higher Standard of Care

Seniors and their loved ones are looking for a place that provides the comforts of home with individualized support and care. By embracing person-centered care, your community will stand out in your region as the best place to live.