After purchasing a subscription to Embodied Labs – What's next?

Activate your Online Platform Account

Look for an activation email from Embodied Labs, inviting you to create an account for our Online Platform.

Once you’ve activated your account, log into the Online Platform at:

Note: these same login details can be used for the Embodied Labs desktop app.

Contact your customer experience lead or if you don’t have your license code.

2. Assemble your kit

This video will show you how to set up your kit for VR experiences.

  • Getting Started: 0:00
  • Kit Components: 0:13
  • Kit Setup – Individual Mode: 1:20
  • Kit Setup – Group Mode: 2:20
  • Launching Embodied Labs: 2:42

Once the above setup is complete, we have a recommended way to begin. 

  • Turn on your laptop.
  • Let it get fully started up.
  • Then plug in the headset, which will cause the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) app to open. WMR is like a bridge, which has to be open to allow the Embodied Labs app to run. 
  • Open the Embodied Labs app.

3. Learn how to best use Embodied Labs

For VR Experiences, put on the headset and try your first lab! Notice what you see and hear, plus how you can use your hands to interact with different elements inside the labs.

For Online Experiences, log in at and click “Launch Online Labs”. Navigate around by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Notice what you see and hear, plus how you can interact with different elements inside the labs using your mouse.

  • Contact your customer experience lead or for any questions and/or for help in planning next implementation steps.
    Visit our Help Center for assistance with troubleshooting and frequently asked questions.

4. Promote your training program

We offer customizable flyers and brochures that can help your team promote your new training program to your staff and community, whether on-site or online.

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5. Conduct your training sessions

During training sessions, lead your trainees through discussions to help enhance the learning experience. Our Facilitation Guides offer details on how to best conduct these sessions for each lab. 

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Search for answers on our Help Desk, or contact us via email or phone for additional support.

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