Give members of your community the knowledge and experience they need to better understand senior conditions.

A Window Into Their World

Transformative experiences made possible by VR technology allow family and community members to understand what aging seniors are going through in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. From macular degeneration to Parkinson’s Disease, Embodied Labs provides a vehicle for understanding challenging conditions–and those who live with them–with greater clarity and confidence.

More Compassionate Care

First-person, embodied modules help bridge gaps in experience allowing the learner to understand and empathize in new and powerful ways. The Embodied Labs platform provides a perspective that helps family and community members develop closer, more supportive relationships. The clearer vision with which they are able to see and know what others are going through leads to more thoughtful, compassionate care.

Cultivate Conversation

Family and community members emerge from the headset ready to share their experience with others. This dialogue leads to new ideas, powerful insights, and better-informed care decisions. In talking about what it’s like to live with these challenges, family and community members can come together to develop more effective solutions to help support aging seniors.

Key Features for Community Education

Individual Training Experiences

Engage staff with immersive modules that allow them to explore, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their understanding.

On-Site Group Training

Create a dialogue through module experiences and promote team-building with shared thoughts, reactions, and takeaways.

Patient Experience Library

Curated VR content allows learners to embody patients with specific pathologies or conditions.


Track progress, performance, and completion of trainings with detailed reports that help hold staff accountable.

How Hospice of Southern Maine used Embodied Labs to increase visibility and improve outreach

Serving over 1,700 patients annually, Hospice of Southern Maine is committed to improving end-of-life care through advocacy, professional education and community outreach. Embodied labs plays a crucial role in that effort, used in staff training and family education within the community. The Clay Lab helps learners understand the fear, frustration, and anger that often comes with discussing end-of-life issues and helps them to feel more peaceful, informed, and empowered.

I was skeptical at first that a virtual reality tool could be so realistic, but once I went through it, I realized what a viable method it could be, for not only teaching but also helping people understand [the] end of life better.
— Daryl Cady, CEO of Hospice of Southern Maine

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