The Clay Lab: End of Life Conversations

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By embodying Clay, viewers will gain insight into the experience of being diagnosed with a terminal disease and learn what options are available (with a focus on hospice care), how the healthcare team works together in end of life care, and what the last days, hours and minutes of a person's life might be like. We took great care in researching this lab as we worked with professional and family caregivers like you. This important lab on such a sensitive topic was created for caregivers, by caregivers. It is our hope that this experience will help the professional and family care partners who care for people at the end of their life to become more comfortable and confident in their role, and to help start difficult conversations about being at the end of life.

About the experience

The Clay Lab takes learners on a journey through End of Life Conversations as Clay, a 66-year-old veteran diagnosed with a terminal illness. This experience helps learners explore the conversations and issues around those key moments when a person with a terminal prognosis changes from a curative path to a palliative care path.


    During the lab you will:

    • Experience what it is like to receive "bad news" from your doctor, and discuss your options.
    • Have conversations with your family and members of the healthcare team about transitioning to hospice care.
    • Get assistance from the hospice care team in understanding your symptoms and conflicts that may occur within your family.
    • See the physical changes inside your body as it nears the end of life.
    • Experience what may happen at the end of your life

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