Olu Ajilore, MD, Ph.D

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Ajilore is a neuroscientist on faculty at University of Illinois-Chicago. An alum of Stanford, Harvard, and UCLA, Dr. Ajilore's VR-focused research is centered on two primary directions: 1) developing immersive, interactive data visualization platforms for better understanding brain connectivity alterations associated with neuropsychiatric diseases and 2) developing VR-based interventions for psychiatric disorders informed by understanding these alterations.

His department has a platform in beta called NeuroCave, which focuses on body image distortion and lack of insight in patients with eating disorders. Olu is excited to work with Embodied Labs because "...they are at the cutting edge of VR-based educational experiences. They combine sophisticated technology with a deep-seated humanity to create moving, engaging, heartfelt, educational experiences that have a lasting impression on the learners who interact with their platform." Embodied Labs is hoping to collaborate with Dr. Ajilore on a schizophrenia and social anxiety disorders experience in 2018.